Our Products
Although porcelain has been used for making tiles for many years, only modern production methods and quantities has made the porcelain tile available for the average household in recent years.

Porcelain is much more resistant than ordinary ceramic tiles and can be used in both wet and dry areas such as wall murals, dadoes and high-traffic zones, both indoors and outdoors.

These tiles can be found in various styles, shapes and thickness and finishes, such as high gloss or mat, depending on the consumer’s tastes and use; making it one of the more versatile product on the market.

Mosaic tiles add a splash of color and iridescent shine to your design space. Delicate and bold hues of color are offered to create sumptuous designs and luxurious installations.

The popularity of adding decorative accent tiles to personalize the design space have made unique stone, glass and porcelain mosaics a demand product.

Kitchen backsplashes are often designed by using mosaic or decorative tile over the entire area for a dramatic personal statement.

Natural Stones
Natural stone tiles can be beautiful but as a natural product they are less uniform in color and pattern, and require more planning for use and installation.

Granite or marble tiles are sawn on both sides and then polished or finished on the top surface so that they have a uniform thickness.

Other natural stone tiles such as slate are typically "riven" (split) on the top surface so that the thickness of the tile varies slightly from one spot on the tile to another and from one tile to another. Variations in tile thickness can be handled by adjusting the amount of mortar under each part of the tile, by using wide grout lines that "ramp" between different thicknesses.

Overall, natural stones add a sense of luxury and a natural effect to all areas of application. The simplicity of its natural beauty enhances any décor. They can be cut to various sizes, including mosaic sizes, to accommodate an area and individual tastes and preferences.

Installation Products
No matter the project and the size, we have the products you need to successfully complete it!

Amongst others, we can provide you with:

• Grout (in various colors)
• Cement (for tiles if all sizes)
• Glue (for tiles if all sizes)
• Sealers
• Finishing mouldings
• Electric Floor Warming Systems
• Waterproofing Systems (membranes)
• Installation tools
• And many more...